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Digital transformation

Getting insight and advice on what to do next
To lead you safely into the digital age, we work intensely to get to know you, the market you operate in, and the target group you want to trade with. Based on the insight, we deliver a clear report and recommendations on the path we think you should go. Based on long experience, creativity and good insight, we rarely make mistakes in these advices.

Your digital brand

Building a digital brand and identity
The very best customer experience starts with a clear brand promise. We recommend that we start a process together where we end up with a clear customer promise that will characterize everything we do in the digital universe (can be used for much else as well). This will give us a clear direction where we can make clear choices more easily. It also gives us a "tone of voice" that suits your brand and contributes to increased sales. Because when users use your services or are in contact with you in other ways, you want them to have the best feeling in the world! It is so very easy and so difficult.

The design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works

Steve Jobs

User experience

All the parts of a user experience should be great! This is the starting point for everything we make, and becomes people's experience of your products and services. Sometimes functionality is the most important thing, other times "time to market" can be most important, or perhaps creating beautiful memorable experiences is the focus (most often all of these points). What is certain is that users have strong opinions about a customer journey and a customer experience, and suddenly all are designers. That is why our task is to make the experience so good that people are happy to be in contact with you. To cope with this, one must make some clear choices. Create a clear strategy, and create a concept that is easy to build on.


Great websites never goes out of style!
We create websites that make a difference. It takes more than beautiful and stylish design for your customers to convert to whatever you want them to do. It´s the concept, the story, the navigation and smooth technology that gives you the most for your money and that will ultimately count at the checkout or the desired act. We are independent technologists, and we are passionate about you growing your business.

Let the site do the job!

Palmer laptop copy

Digital products

We create digital products and services
DAYTWO has built native applications, utility tools, product catalogs, sales tools, transaction tools, analytics dashboards, booking systems, e-commerce and a number of different tools that work in combination with websites and payment solutions.
With us, you are confident that you get the solutions that equip you for the digital age.

Luado Tjenesten
Luado knytter kontakt mellom folk som trenger hjelp og de som kan hjelpe

Craft vs. other CMS

Craft CMS
We are certified Craft CMS suppliers and know the possibilities that lie in this tool. If we compare Craft CMS with Wordpress this is what most people say:

1. Craft is more flexible than WordPress
2. Craft is better for custom design
3. Craft is more secure than WordPress
4. Craft is easier for clients to use
5. Craft is a better long-term tool

That said, it is not important for us to use Craft, and can just as easily use other technology if desired.

Check your system!

Technical Due Dilligence
Contact us for a full review of your user journey through all your digital platforms. Or get a full technical due diligence of everything from source codes to technical solutions. It can save you a lot of headaches tomorrow.

"I pose og sekk"

Let us take care of all technical operations with reporting and continuous updates of your digital solutions. Worry-free and reassurance that everything is competitive. With DAYTWO you get the best of two worlds. People care about your story, and making sure your digital solutions run smooth. Always.

Heads for hire

If you want to hire one or more people in your team, we have the best available persons in most disciplines within design, UX and technology. Together we digitize you, and we make sure it is fun on the road.