DAYTWO of window shopping.

24/7 Shopping

DAYTWO of window shopping. Why leave the windows full of goods without people being able to shop what they see? Now that is possible.

In this shop window you can try different spectacle models, and you can see what you look like in a large screen in the window. Very convenient for a store owner who pays a lot to have the store facing the street level. But where all customers only get access during the store's opening hours during the day.

We used sensors, webcams, arduino, and connected it to the internet, the store's online store and inventory. We made large physical buttons with springs from model cars to get the good feeling when navigating around. A physical online store must be experienced as smoothly as a digital online store.

Who knows? Maybe this will be a common way to exploit the potential of store windows in the future? DAYTWO Powered by tomorrow🏆