Make room for life!
Time to enter the Second Space.


In a rapidly growing market, Second Space is a new challenger in the self storage business in Scandinavia, with the first locations opening in Norway in 2021. As a brand new company, they found the technical partner they needed in DAYTWO – that with time critical efficiency could handle the task of developing the digital infrastructure, as well as creating the name and identity, a ground up marketing strategy, brand positioning and communication concept.

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A lot of people have the impression that self storage is an expensive temporary solution you just have deal with when you need it for moving between houses, living abroad for a period of time or have exceptional requirements to store large items. At the same time, a lot of people live with cramped spaces at home, desperately wanting to buy bigger homes, not realising the the cost efficiency of actually using a service like Second Space, compared to the galloping house prices.

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Strategy: From need to want

How can we make self storage desirable and waken the urge to become a Second Space customer? We needed to position the brand as a lifestyle brand and shift the perception of self storage from a necessity to a new, smart way of making space for a better life.

Communication platform

We wanted to focus on what you achieve with your freed up space at home, instead of the actual service itself. From rational arguments, to an emotional universe, where you are free to live more, live better with more space. Make room for life – Gjør plass til livet!

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The logo system

We developed a double logo system based on a defined box for traditional display and a flexible and dynamic treatment, where the elements stretch out to the corners, to symbolise and encapsulate the feeling of space redefined.

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