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Raa Labs is a maritime tech company, delivering high tech digital infrastructure for handling data to and from vessels. As a small, agile company owned by Wilhelmsen Group, Raa Labs benefits from the heritage of a global maritime conglomerate with more than 160 years of expertise in the industry, leveraging their services in a competitive global business.

The company was in need of updating their own digital presence and commisioned DAYTWO to overhaul their corporate identity and website to better align with their communication platform.



The communication platform called 'Open' is based on their values and beliefs in a transparent work culture, drive for change and the attitude needed to unlock the potential in all aspects of their clients' business. The new corporate identity and website was developed to reflect these values with a mix of sober solidity and edgy energy.


The graphic element

The Raa Labs Bar draws inspiration from the old sails from the viking era – the raa sail. The symbol represents the crossbar seen from above and is applied in the logo, layout dividers and as a cursor in typographic animations.


Logo variations

The logos are available in three colour combinations, for full flexibility in applications across a set of background colours. There is a short version to be used in minimal spaces, such as social media profile pics, etc. Their main product is the digital infrastructure system called RaaEdge, with a logo that aligns with the main brand with a familiar, but distinct form.


Colour palette

A colour palette was developed that preserves both the old heritage from maritime business combined with a fresh and modern edge.

Colour balance


In true 'open' spirit – a font family was selected from Google Fonts that feels democratic and modern, with a flexibility to work across all applications.


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