Small jobs. Great Value

Luado is a small job service that makes it easier to get help with practical tasks in the house and garden - white and insured. Whether you need a helping hand in assembling IKEA furniture, mowing the lawn, or washing the cars, good Luado fixers are ready to help you.

Luado came to DAYTWO with a great idea. Since then, this has been a joint project for both Luado and DAYTWO - together. DAYTWO has contributed with strategy and insight, concept and design, and not least UX and technical development. In other words. THE ENTIRE DAYTWO´s range of services.

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The marked

We Norwegians spend hundreds of hours a year on small tasks related to the maintenance of houses and gardens. A market Statistics Norway has calculated at as much as NOK 79.1 billion in Norway alone.

At the same time, many experience increased expectations from society, to master 100% both at work and at home. For many, everyday life simply does not work out, and more and more people therefore choose to buy out of the everyday hustle and bustle.

On the other hand, thousands of young people and others are out of work, and really want to gain work experience and extra income, but not at any cost.

The commercial market for small jobs is still in its infancy, but has grown strongly in recent years.

By far the largest part of the market is still the tasks most people do themselves, and not least all the projects that are never done due to lack of time. But, why is it still the case that many refuse to use existing services?

Digital transformation

Getting practical help at home - easy, safe and responsible is not as easy as you might think.

- With today's services, it can take hours and days from you posting a job until you get an answer. On the other hand, you risk getting more response than you can handle, and have to spend a lot of unnecessary time on dialogue, negotiation and decision (via e-mail

- The services largely use outdated and manual technology (classified) designed to buy / sell physical items

- Unfair business models as a result of a monopoly situation create great frustration among service providers (price pressure and pay for access)

- Do not be proactive in facilitating a sustainable small job market (social dumping, undeclared work, conditions related to insurance, HSE, etc.)

- The services are not adapted to a new job market with faster change, more self-employed and increasing "outsourcing" of services in the household, etc.

A market overripe for a digital transformation.

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Luado er en småjobbtjeneste som gjør det enklere for huseiere å få hjelp med praktiske småoppgaver i hus og hage - hvitt og trygt.

Bruker du Luado skal du ikke bare spare masse tid, du skal også oppleve det like trygt og bra som å gjøre det selv.

Gjennom smart bruk av moderne teknologi muliggjør vi enklere og mer effektive brukergrensesnitt for våre brukere. Luado er optimalisert for en mobil hverdag, men er selvfølgelig enkelt tilgjengelig på tvers av plattformer (App, mobil-web, desktop og tablet).

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What problem do we solve?

  1. • Social exclusion and unemployment are rising
  2. • Inequality has never been greater
  3. • Those with a lot of resources - gets less time
  4. • Those with less resources, have time available and skills - but many are excluded
  5. • Existing platforms are ineffective, and do little to fight the challenges in a responsible way

What do we want?

We want to enable the a world where the easy choice is the right choice- for both individuals and the community

Edward Eikeland, chairman of the board and founder.

Growth in Norway

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"Luado was chosen amongst several Nordic providers not only based on their ability to do good business but even more for their ambition to do business in a good way. Today Luado is contributing to the development of IKEA global standards for social responsibility in IWAY, our code of conduct for suppliers."

Teodor Bäckström
Service Fulfilment Operations Manager IKEA Norway

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Startup program

Luado came to DAYTWO with a great idea, where we saw a clear need that required our expertise. With our program that supports start-up companies in exchange for ownership shares, we got a solution where DAYTWO is a part owner together with the Luado gang.

DAYTWO, has contributed with strategy, marketing, UX, design and the technological platform.

If you are interested in our startup program, just contact