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Kongsberg Agenda – Norway’s most important meeting ground for anyone with a heart for technology, industry, business and education.

During Spring 2022, DAYTWO was assigned by Kongsberg Business Chamber to develop the identity, brand platform and web solution for a new event in Kongsberg. This new successor to what had beed called Kongsbergdagene, had an ambition of becoming Kongsberg’s answer to Arendalsuka (PR and politics festival) – but with a main focus on technology and how integral it is in finding the solutions to world problems – in society, business and education.


Kongsberg has long industrial traditions and develop world class technology. But a large part of the local community doesn’t feel connected to the identity these industrial giant represent. That’s why there was a need for an event that would include everyone – not just the ones involved in the tech companies. Our mission was not to develop a tech identity, but to create a universe with broad appeal, from local merchants and kids – to CEOs, politicians and community voices from all over the Nordics.

The name

It started with the name. We needed a name that was not limiting, and not exclusive. Something that would represent the wide range, high and low, and make sense for all the content that would take place in week 25 every year. Kongsberg Agenda was the answer, as a title for ‘Norway’s most important meeting ground for anyone with a heart for technology, industry, business and education.’


Visual identity

Our approach was a playful, festival theme – but universal enough to cater for serious debates about society and industrial seminars, as well as entertainment and fun fairs. Central to the expression were simple geometric shapes that symbolise the dynamics of the debates, change and technological progress.

The website

With over 170 events, the organisers would need to quickly and smoothly update the calendar with content that were spread out over the 4 days. The website was built on Craft CMS with full flexibility for various colour palettes and content modules.


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