Interact & Educate

Shaping sounds

Every year, Randsfjordmuseet and Røykenvik Opera Festival are organising a music festival for kids. This yearly event transforms the museum’s park to a universe where kids can meet, explore, and discover music. It is a part of the museum’s pedagogical programme.


How do you generate an interest for a young target group (5 to 10-year-olds) and make them explore music in a way they can relate to and at the same time trigger their curiosity and imagination when it comes to music?

Our take

Visualisation of music. We installed an interactive booth next to the museum’s main stage. Inside the booth, kids could use our device and while playing on it, see their music being translated into visual forms.

A sensor, the Mooges, was connected to a laptop (and a large screen). Once the kids started to play, the sound waves were translated into real time animated shapes and colours. This made the kids able to create their own visual stories and to see the result in a new way, translating music into something they could see with their own eyes.

The second part of the project was to visualise classical music to generate an interest to this specific genre within our young audience.

Finally, the visualisation generated by the classical pieces we had chosen together with the Opera Festival were used to expend the hearing experience to an audience not necessarily familiar to classical music.

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