Sending smarter for the revolution.

Helt hjem & DAYTWO

When the pace is high, and thousands of packages changes owners every single day, the technology must work smoothly. That's why Helt Hjem chose DAYTWO as their UX- and technology partner.

Rethinking packaging

Are you sending a package to a buyer or friend?
- Use the packaging you have lying around. It could be an old plastic box, some cardboard, maybe some gray paper from what you bought yesterday.

No problem. As long as the packaging is tight and the things you pack are not at risk of being damaged during transport, the possibilities for packaging are as many as there are ads for t-shirts on

Smooth delivery - door to door

Go to and order home delivery from home to home. After payment, you will receive a code that you write clearly on the package. You do not need to write the recipient's name or address.

Lay out the package before 11 pm. You will be told whether to place it on the doormat or in your mailbox. We pick up the package during the night and send it quickly home to the recipient.

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With Helthjem, it is also easier than ever to sell used, since you send your sales from home, and without going outside”

Anne Stine Talseth, Helthjem

The technology

A service built on many different services

The task was to understand a large and complex architecture, and then to simplify, integrate, process and normalize the flow of information between different suppliers.


• Tailor-made services to improve and add value to new innovative integrations.

• Integrated various booking services to build properly formatted addresses used to define distribution coverage for sender and recipient addresses.

• Custom builtservices built for estimating delivery time.

• Third-party integration for coupon support with custom extension for referral programs.

• User authentication performed through SPiD integration (Schibsted account).

• Customized setup for user base and order management system, with support for card and VIPS payments.

• Built custom layer to provide more informative tracking messages for users.

• New Login area to provide extra value.

• New management system for stored preferences, such as addresses for payment methods and favorite recipients.

• Created a new output list of packages sent with the current package status.

• Possibility to download payment receipts.

CMS, order process and UX:

The site is built on top of CraftCms.

The layout is a super flexible content builder. This means that the mkt team can reach its audience in the most effective way in each new initiative.

The ordering process requires a lot of information about the package, sender and recipient.

We have combined results from interviews with focus groups, feedback from customer service, with input from our developers. DAYTWO´s UX designers, built a solution that will be friendly to all users and at the same time understand and respect all data flows and alternatives that must take place behind the scenes.

Min side
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The numbers


Packages per month


Registered user



620.000 Unique visitors
1.650.000 Visits/month
3.500.000 Page view/month
2 mins avg session duration

Delivered almost nine million packages

During the corona year 2020, Helthjem could point to an enormous growth. In total, Helthjem delivered almost nine million packages last year, and signed major players such as Europris, Farmasiet and Varner Gruppen, which includes Dressmann and Cubus.

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