Digital work for a premium workplace.


Braathen Eiendom is a corporate real estate company with a long history in the Norwegian market. From its beginnings with a growing portfolio of smaller sized offices and shopping centres around the Oslo region, it is today a large scale premium property holder with premises in the most prestiguous locations in Oslo, including Barcode and Vika.


Digital presence, identity and communication concept

DAYTWO has developed and designed the new website, to reflect the high-end brand positioning Braathen were transitioning to. To promote their premium service concept Flyt, we developed the identity and the communication platform .

Braathen screens wide4

The sum of all prerequisites

Braathen Eiendom has one main goal – having Norway's most satisfied customers. That requires not only high standard buildings and facilities, but also great focus on attentiveness, service and accommodation. The sum of all those prerequisites (Summen av forutsetningene) is what makes their customers succeed. With those words, we developed a communication platform to engage current and prospective customers to understand and appreciate the values of Braathen Eiendom.

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