How we do our job.

What we do

We deliver extraordinary user experiences and digital applications.

Our vision is to deliver tomorrow’s solutions. Our mission is to prove the value and importance of mixing creativity and technology. For us, creativity makes people love and react. The right use of technology unlocks all the possibilities for people to relate, respond and value the product or message. Dialogue, tracking and monitoring enable us to learn and improve. It’s like the life of a shark. Stay in motion, or die.

Amazing User experience and streamlined productions

You come to DAYTWO if you want something made.

Mathias Friis, concept maker.

Our brand

The story behind our name

The name DAYTWO is a result of our legacy as leading and award-winning producers of creative digital solutions from day one of the internet. An invaluable experience to bring into day two, where knowledge and understanding of the complex mechanisms in the digital customer journey is critical for success. Being DAYTWO is our strategy.

Your brand

The importance of your brand promise

Your brand tells a story. It needs to be told, and it needs to be experienced. With the premise of a crystal clear brand promise, we make sure your story is delivered and experienced throughout the whole digital customer journey. Clear, relevant and engaging. We’re in the business of selling.

Your brand promise affects most of what you do. Everything from internal processes, strategies, UX design and how you should be perceived by people you are in contact with.

Eivind Lislevand, Advisor

Our process

We adapt our process to the project

In order to consistently deliver high quality products and services, we follow a streamlined process with individual methods adapted to each project.

01. Strategy
Together we find; qualities, benefits, value experience, personality where it all ends in a clear strategy and a clear brand promise.
(sometimes our clients allready have a brand promise, and in those cases we can jump straight into the next fase of the process).

02. Concept
The brand promise sets the direction for the creative concept that becomes our idea platform, which becomes our entire creative universe and where the stories are created.

03. Design/UI
The concept is based on a clear story that is told through identity, design, user experience and not least the services that are developed.

04. UX
The brand promise and the story will also have an impact on navigation and structure. If, for example, a brand has a basic philosophy that they should simplify everyday life, then the UX should also deliver on this.

05. Technology

The choice of technology is made in relation to what we want to achieve. It can be important to choose technology that is scalable, or that can leverage other parts of the company. You might already be tied to a specific technology, of which we can help unlock the full potential.

06. The DAYTWO experience / operation of technology

As a client of DAYTWO, you will experience a committed group that constantly wants you to do better. For us, technology is about more than making solutions work. It's about being agile, simplifying, improving and growing. As a customer, you should notice this from day one on the way to DAYTWO

A smooth process is needed to get to the goal with the best results

Mikael Børter Eriksson, Producer.

You come to DAYTWO if you want something made.
Such as:

Getting insight and advice on what to do next
To lead you safely into the digital age, we work intensely to get to know you, the market you operate in, and the target group you want to trade with. Based on the insight, we deliver a clear report and recommendations on the path we think you should go. Based on long experience, creativity and good insight, we rarely make mistakes in these advices.

Building a digital brand and identity
The very best customer experience starts with a clear brand promise. We recommend that we start a process together where we end up with a clear customer promise that will characterize everything we do in the digital universe (can be used for much else as well). This will give us a clear direction where we can make clear choices more easily. It also gives us a "tone of voice" that suits your brand and contributes to increased sales. Because when users use your services or are in contact with you in other ways, you want them to have the best feeling in the world! It is so very easy and so difficult.

The design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works

Steve Jobs

All the parts of a user experience should be great! This is the starting point for everything we make, and becomes people's experience of your products and services. Sometimes functionality is the most important thing, other times "time to market" can be most important, or perhaps creating beautiful memorable experiences is the focus (most often all of these points). What is certain is that users have strong opinions about a customer journey and a customer experience, and suddenly all are designers. That is why our task is to make the experience so good that people are happy to be in contact with you. To cope with this, one must make some clear choices. Create a clear strategy, and create a concept that is easy to build on.

Create digital products and services
DAYTWO has built native applications, utility tools, product catalogs, sales tools, transaction tools, analytics dashboards, booking systems, e-commerce and a number of different tools that work in combination with websites and payment solutions.
With us, you are confident that you get the solutions that equip you for the digital age.

We create websites that make a difference. It takes more than beautiful and stylish design for your customers to convert to what you want them to convert to. It is the concept, the story, the navigation that will work with the technology that gives you the most for your money and that will ultimately count at the checkout or the desired act. We are independent technologists, and we are passionate about you growing.

Craft CMS
We are certified Craft CMS suppliers and know the possibilities that lie in this tool. That said, it is not important for us to use Craft, and can just as easily use other technology if desired.

Technical Due Dilligence
Contact us for a full review of your user journey through all your digital platforms. Or get a full technical due diligence of everything from source codes to technical solutions. It can save you a lot of headaches tomorrow.

Let us take care of all technical operations with reporting and continuous updates of your digital solutions. Worry-free and reassurance that everything is competitive.

If you want to hire one or more people in your team, we have the best available in most disciplines within design, UX and technology. Together we digitize you, and we make sure it is fun on the road.